August 4th, 2020 // CREATING MAGIC

Designing the NIKOL was „easy” Fashionista, bringing the message over to you is another.

The story behind...

The NIKOL is yet another LOVE PROJECT to us. It was inspired and named after my grandmother from my mothers side who to our deepest regret passed away 8 years ago. My grandmother was a woman adored by everyone, she always was strong for all of us took care of each and everyone making sure we all had what we needed. Always strong, never too tired to get things done. She was my rolemodel. Inspired by her strength, her make it happen attitude, we designed a bag for the strong woman of our time.

leather bag

The NIKOL is so to speak the bigger version of the LILLY MULTITALENT BAG in design, in lifestyle it is is the ultimate WomanBoss Bag. It screams “I’m a professional, but I also have great taste” for those Very Important Meetings. The NIKOL will take you straight from the office to after work drinks. It’s an elegant addition to your modern lifestyle, ideal for everyday adventures.

Making the magic happen…

This time it was really like making magic. All came together so beautifully. You know, generally not everything goes always according to plan, but the day we made the shooting for the NIKO, things just smoothly and unbelievably great. 

We were a team of 8:

-Valbona Leather team: Blerta, Valbona

-Photographers: Csikós Árpád, Kaposi Tamás

Csikós Árpád is one of my favorite photographers, he is the one who photographed our first signature and debut collection. Therefore it was a great honor to have him and his assistant, Tamás on board. Csikós Árpád is a genius.

-Stylist: Anita Toth Zsanett

Anita is an upcoming stylist who was born with a gift. It was the first time we worked with her, however it feels as we have known her for ever. We have the same mindset and most of the time she speaks out our imagination, she just understands us and our brand so well. I love working with her.

-Models: Schreiter Lilla, Éles Dalma

Lilla is a stylist, a columnist, and a fashion guru. She is a self-made woman boss and an inspiration to me. I instantly loved her personality when I met her in one of our PR events. My sister and I thought she would be an amazing fit for our LOVE PROJECT. 

The same goes for Dalma, a self-made boss babe who is a baker, an artist, a model and everything else you can imagine. She has always been an aspiration.

-Make-Up: Györgyi Bartha

Györgyi is an upcoming make-up artist, who is very talented. Has a good eye for color and is amazing to work with. So talented and easy going, simply great to work with her. 

The best word to describe this team is, PRO. From the beginning till the end, it was just imperfect perfection (as I’d like to call it). Not much to say here, rather let the pictures speak for themselves. 




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