A few days ago, we received a certificate for our participation in one of the most overwhelming projects we have ever participated in. 
We all know UNICEF and how they drive change for children and young people every day, across the globe. This time it was  a local initiative with the focus on girl children. On 11th of October was the international day of the girl, focusing on addressing challenges girls face around the world. Honoring this day, UNICEF Hungary organised a POP-UP Store and a fundraiser event auctioning and selling unique pieces from international and local designers. We had the luck to be amongst these designers. Being a part of such a LOVE PROJECT was overwhelming, knowing that our bags also helped raise 1,2 million HUF for girls in need is priceless. Thanks to an amazing job done by the two leading ladies, Niki Blaskó and Enikő Mihalik Unicef Hungary managed to gather record-breaking funds to support this great cause. 
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