Our posts on the digital platforms speak for themselves, however giving you an insight of the thoughts behind it, brings you a bit closer to us and our mindset.

We have started two initiatives with the aim to inspire and empower. How? It is very simple and very effective so it shows.
On Mondays, we start our week by reposting wise thoughts from boss babes around the world promoting women- and mutual empowerment. Our goal is to motivate and inspire. We call these our WISE MONDAYS.
On Thursdays, we have chosen to give outfit inspirations. Not just any outfits, unique outfits, accessories made by fellow designers locally and internationally, that of course match our beautifully designed bags. The idea behind it, beside making you discover some of the most amazing designer pieces? Supporting fellow designers, empowering one and another. We only chose outfits that we personally adore or think you would like. 
Before you ask, no, we are not bloggers nor stylists, just passionate lovers of unique fashion pieces. 
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