I wonder what kind of bag comes to mind when we see a mother going to the playground with one or two small children?

Of course it’s a backpack !!!

But how does a woman with a fancy handbag becomes a backpack loving mom?

I’ll tell you: D

When my little girl was born, I wasn’t really thinking about what kind of bag I was going to take with me to the playground, or outdoors, at that time it was clear that the stroller’s bag would be my everything bag… and what wouldn’t fit in would go into the stroller’s holder and if there’s still not enough space, I would simply stash it next to my daughter in the stroller…

This worked for a while, but as my little lady got bigger, I pulled out my fancy handbag, because I wanted to be a trendy mom even on the playground 🙂 It wasn’t the best idea ever, because I needed both hands to be able to coordinate my kid and all our stuff :)) 

And that’s when I started thinking it was about time to get me a new bag: a bag that is functional, practical, fits a lot of stuff, and that is ladylike at the same time :)) 

You can find backpacks in almost every store, but finding the right one can be really difficult. Going from store to store, and surfing on the internet from website to website, I realized that all the backpacks out there would make me look like a schoolgirl again :)) But the backpack I wanted so much for myself was a backpack, that would make me stand out from the crowd. And right about then I came across VALBONA Leather’s website, where I found the WORKING MOM… was love at first sight. It had everything I was looking for in a mom bag, furthermore it was a backpack and a handbag in one!

The first thing that caught my eye was the design: sleek and yet phenomenal! It was clear even from the photos that the brand made its products from premium leather, and for me, that was the second important aspect: I didn’t want another artificial leather bag, which would bounce, tear apart, etc. The more I looked at the pictures of the WORKING MOM bag – because I found it online – I fell in love more and more with it. Going through the features of the bag, I got the feeling that the designer was someone that really understood motherhood and all the challenges that come with it. This backpack/handbag has a built-in keychain, so that you can easily find your keys – for when  you need to get into your apartment prompt while balancing your kid and the other stuff 🙂 – it has plenty of space for the snacks, the water bottle, spear clothes and it even has a separate compartment for your laptop. 

The small compartments can fit my wallet, my card holder, smaller toys, without which we can’t leave the house 🙂 And if I still need some space, I simply adjust the strap on the top of the bag and the bag just widens up :)) 

Another plus point is the 4 supportive little pegs on the bottom of the bag, which protect the bag and allow me to put the bag on the ground if I have to – I know, I know, you never put your handbag on the floor, but motherhood makes you do strange things :)))

And then the colors !!! They are fantastic, I would buy them all in a heartbeat: Ferrari red, royal blue, porcelain…there is no woman or mother who would resist! :))

I have to say, I love my WORKING MOM bag so much, I simply can’t go anywhere without it. In fact, I love it so much that I immediately got it in two colors (and I’m already thinking about a third one… ..) It became the center piece of my wardrobe, and although the dipers were replaced by the little teddy bear, I still carry in my bag a snack box for any eventuality….

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