Did you know that no matter what time of the day, you can always count on Valbona Leather bags?

Let’s start from the smallest one!

It so often happens that you need to rush down to the store just to get milk, cause you forgot. Or you just are in a hurry to rush to the kindergarten to pick up your little one. Or just need some me time and want to get a quick coffee. In these moments you don’t want to take all your belongings with you. Therefore, we have created the Wonder Wallet, the perfect accessory that carries only your most important essentials with you: money, cards and your phone. Moreover it’s so easy to grab in your hand, just like holding a mini clutch. 

Guess what, the beauty of it all, the wonder wallet exists in every shade of the rainbow you can imagine, because one needs color to brighten up the day.

leather woman wallet

Do you like to have lunch outside with your girlfriends or colleagues? Go out for cocktails and have a good time (well, when it’s allowed of course)?

Do you maybe enjoy taking a walk with a coffee to go?

The Lilly Multitalent bag is the one for you. It is the smallest, most talented bag you’ve ever met, carrying all your essentials: Card Holder, phone, access card, keychain, paper bag. And why do we call it the MULTITALENT BAG? Because you can wear it in 4 different ways (clutch, crossbody bag, handbag and belt bag) , always adjusting to your daily schedule and mood.

VALBONA LEATHER premium hand bag

Let’s face it, every woman has one or two, or three.. shoulder bags lurking in her closet. You have a couple at home, don’t you? Don’t worry we wont tell. The question is though, are they pretty or functional? We have created a unique bag, both fashionable and practical.

Inspired by women who do it all and want to have it all, we have created a bag to carry it all. Simple, yet sophisticated: the Shopper 2in1 is a versatile, functional bag featuring an adjustable strap in our iconic design, multiple pockets inside to keep your bag organized , a key chain strap and a detachable pouch with zipper and a matching crossbody clutch.

VALBONA leather luxury shopper handbag

If you are planning to run around all day and manage things, it is important to have your hands free especially if it means you have a tiny companion with you. The best bag choice in this case would be – especially for a superwoman like you – a backpack. Hearing the word, we get reminded of our school years… But don’t get fooled, we are not talking about an ordinary backpack. Our handbag and/or backpack, the  “Working Mom Bag”, is our IDA (International Design Awards) winner, which is not only for the working moms, but for all the strong women out there mastering their daily challenges in a fashionable way. The working mom is truly our masterpiece so far and one our true bestseller as it represents luxury outside and inside you get surprised by an unexpected practicality enabling you to wear it wherever and whenever.

Discover the current collection existing in a limited amount  and choose one for yourself!

VALBONA leather working mom backpack
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