6 trendy bag colors that will make you shine in the spring of 2021

At last, we’re past winter, and spring is coming! Down with the thick winter coats, the faux furs and focus is on the skirts, dresses and bags in the most appealing colors!

This year’s spring bag trends are predicting exciting times, with all sorts of shapes ranging from briefcase bags to totes and backpacks in all sorts of breathtaking happy colors.

On the international catwalks last year’s pastel colors have been replaced by brighter shades ranging from saffron to emerald green. Colors bursting with energy, just the right amount for this summer. 

Get acquainted with the trendy colors of this spring:


A warm shade of yellow spiced with a drop of gold and orange.

This is called sunshine, because when we look at it it immediately puts a smile on our face.

We also fell in love with this color and used it for our wonder wallets, shopper 2in1 and our multitalent bag.

VALBONA leather premium crossbody bag

Cool, bold, ostentatious – this is the bubblegum pink… If you want to experiment with colors, this color is for you, which will surely make heads turn after you and ask where the bag is from ???

VALBONA leather crossbody luxury bag
Crimson // crimson - almost orange

You definitely got to love the vibe of the color orange! Amazingly vibrant, this color is incredibly fantastic, that one gladly replaces the classical black bag with it! Give it a try – unleash your imagination!

Look at the last pieces of this wonderful color!

There is power in color, it is healing, it is expressive, it is many things. We need color in our lives. Let color dominate your world! Be brave, take on a really vibrant color this year!

Look at the last pieces of this wonderful color!

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