There are so many things I admire about you and have to thank you for.

Let me just start thanking you for being who you are. You are everything I aspire to be.

You were the first person to ever stick their tongue out at me, and pull my hair. The one that made my life “hard”. Ah, the memories. To be fair, I probably deserved it. Let’s be honest, when we were little I was a pain in your butt. 

What I never told you, though, was that the whole time all I wanted is to be just like you. Always loved it when our parents made you take me with you when you went out with your friends. I had the best time of my life. You were my biggest role model, and I practically idolized you. You went through everything first, and you always paved the way for me to follow easily behind. 

You are confident, strong, determined, loving, kind and generous. You are always true to yourself even if it means going against all odds. You are an amazing mom who I look up to.

And even though in my twenties I moved away to find my path, my love and respect for you grew only fonder. These years apart I realised just how much I need you. Therefore I’m so grateful you chose to grow VALBONA Leather with me. We truly do the sentence “2 sisters, 1 dream” a justice.

I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you for being my rock and loving me the way you do! I love you to the universe and beyond!



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