I believe that the hallmark of every great father-daughter relationship is a father who is actively interested and involved in his daughter’s life. This is absolutely true about my father 😊 Not only did he teach my sister and me how to ride a bike, but he really took interest in what we would love to do. He always believed in us, always supported us in everything. I learned from my father that there’s nothing I can’t do if I set my mind to it. 

Our father was always very supportive of us and our dreams. He even gave up his own hometown in order to provide a better life and future for my sister and me. No matter the circumstances my father and mother never let us feel anything except happiness 🥰 They treated us as equal partners, but never put the burden of life on our shoulders. My sister and I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful father figure 🥰


We have created the ultimate gift set, that you can personalise with a small message or monogram for your rock, your dad. Add upto 7 letters (including space or dots) and maximum 2 rows and make this gift a unique one, that he will never forget.

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