What material we use for the VALBONA bags?

Sustainability and premium quality are key for us since the beginnings, as we are designing our bags for a long-life. We have been buying deadstock leather from the best Italian luxury upholstery, leather goods factories and tanneries since the birth of VALBONA. Meanwhile, our products are still created and manufactured in Budapest, Hungary.

What is deadstock leather?

Remnants and pieces of leather, the material that's unused by the mill or brand that fabricated it. We source it from the best Italian upholstery by handpicking each material and accessory personally, so we ensure only premium quality materials. This has enabled us to create unique bags and accessories in multiple different colors. This means each color of each bag and accessory exists only in limited edition and will not be produced in that exact color anymore.

THE WONDER WALLET - silver liningsTHE WONDER WALLET - forest greenTHE WONDER WALLET - lacquered yellow with croco printTHE WONDER WALLET - blueTHE WONDER WALLET - rose gold


For all the wonder women out there, we’ve created the most iconic piece in our accessory collection for you. A wallet, that is one of a kind in its looks and use.

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Zero Waste purpose

Using deadstock leather is also a a step forward to eliminate production waste. In every step, we are committed to reducing waste so we also use up all the remnants of
leather by creating small accessories like bracelets. We aim to sell all products we’ve ever produced, ensuring that none of them are burned. We achieve this by producing our bags in limited quantities only. Moreover we stand against throwaway culture, we believe in crafting high-quality, timeless pieces that are not discarded with every season’s fashion. Therefore we’re offering some of our almost gone pieces at an exclusive price.

LILLY multitalent bag - yellow sunLILLY multitalent bag - red heartsLILLY multitalent bag - pearly whiteLILLY multitalent bag - vanillaLILLY multitalent bag - blue skies

LILLY multitalent bag

One bag, four ways. Wear the multi-tasking iconic bag as a crossbody, belt bag, shoulder sling, or clutch.

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