LILLY: the multitalent bag

At VALBONA Leather we believe that a well-chosen accessory has the power to transform any everyday outfit into something fabulous. This also goes for the LILLY multitalent bag, which we’ve designed to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding Fashionistas.

Why is the LILLY bag so multitalented?

Our multitasking bag, the LILLY comes with an adjustable strap that enables you to wear this iconic bag as a crossbody, a belt bag, a shoulder sling or - without the strap - as a clutch. Moreover it contains an extra zipped pouch – attached to the bag – which will keep your valuables even more safe.

How to style your LILLY bag?

This bag is a real versatile one thanks to its talented traits. Every time you choose to take only the essentials with you, LILLY is your perfect choice! Are you going for a lovely brunch, a night out, a date, a fancy wedding or an easy walk? LILLY is the answer to your sporty, casual and even elegant outfit!

The LILLY was created for all you versatile Fashionistas out there, who can turn with ease from one thing to another, just like our LILLY turns    easily from a crossbody to a clutch, from a shoulder bag to a belt bag.