How to choose the perfect bag for a wedding?

Invitations to summer weddings are always welcomed, but choosing the right outfit can be a challenge sometimes. And even after finding the right dress and that pretty yet comfortable pair of shoes, comes the question of how to choose the perfect wedding bag?

Practicality matters on a day that can go from early afternoon until the first rays of sunrise, so you might go for something larger than the occasional evening clutch, but definitely smaller than your everyday tote bag. Size is important as you will need quite a few things to go through the night, your bag should be roomy enough to have your phone, lipstick and powder to refresh your makeup, some tissues, as happy tears are guaranteed and even a pair of foldable ballet flats for the dancing floor. Even better if it can be worn on the shoulder and you will be able to help the bride with anything she asks for or just hug your friends freely.

Needless to say that look is as important as the inner qualities of the bag, VALBONA team’s advice is to avoid anything too flashy at an event where the main attention is on the young couple, but go for something that is still eye-catching. Our LEXI and LILLY bags come in a range of sophisticated pastel colors. You can either choose a bag in a color that is similar to the other elements of your outfit for a nice (and super trendy) monochrome look or just be bold and get one that pops against everything else.

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