How to take care of your leather bag?

How to clean your VALBONA leather bag

We would like to believe that your VALBONA handbag is part of your everyday lives because you appreciate the convenience of having your necessities easily at hand. Our bags are durable and meant to be
carried, so if you get it dirty - which is bound to happen -  you should know how to care for it properly.

When caring for your leather bag, or more importantly, your VALBONA leather bag, you are maintaining the integrity and the natural oils within the leather. As a very first step we recommend to apply some leathercare product on your bag before the very first use. A suitable leathercare product consists of beeswax, fat and neatsfoot. These kind of leathercare products can be purchased in every shoe-store.

The recommended method of
cleaning a leather bag is taking it to a professional leather cleaner, who
often have cleaning products specific to each different type of leather. But,
for you thrifty, do-it-yourselfers, here's a general guide on how to we clean your leather bag.

For spills and general grime, remove the dirt or spilled liquid as soon as possible.

For liquids on natural leather, use a clean, damp cloth. Be careful to not to smear the liquid onto other parts of the purse or rub it deeper into the leather. Instead of doing a wipe-down motion, try patting the leather surface to remove the initial spill. A light dabbing or patting motion going with the grain of the leather works best.

To remove grime and smudges on natural leather, stick tape over the spot that needs cleaned and remove it. A lot of the dirt will come away with the tape, then repeat the step with clean tape as needed. Ensure you are gentle and avoid using harsh adhesives like duct tape to avoid damaging the leather.

Cleaning the inside of your leather bag

Now that the exterior or our leather purse looks great, we will turn our attention toward the interior. 

1. Remove all of the purse's contents and set them aside.
2. Open the leather purse wide, turn it over above a trash can or a spread towel, and shake out any remaining contents.
3. If the purse's lining is removable, do so and follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the material.
4. Some leather purse linings are permanently attached. In this case, we can gently vacuum the purse with a furniture or fabric brush nozzle, so as not to damage the lining. A lint roller or brush works well too, and a piece of sticky tape also works in a pinch. Again, avoid using harsh tapes like duct tape.
5. For stains on the purse's lining, a clean cloth dampened with soapy water will remove most problems. Be sure to avoid over-saturating the lining as the water may soak through to the leather and leave a stain.

Organizing YOUR Leather Bag to Keep it Clean

Most internal spills and stains
on our leather bags liners are caused by allowing our bags to become too full. So, let's get organized!

Once your bags are clean, both internally and externally, try to keep them clean by regularly emptying out accumulated items that you don't need. Here are a few tips:

1. Make a schedule. A good habit of a weekly purse cleaning can prevent clutter. Throw out old coupons, transfer receipts to their appropriate files, add loose coins to a piggy bank, and toss half eaten snacks or empty wrappers in the trash.

2. Compartmentalize your items, especially makeup and pens, to prevent unexpected accidents. Store risky materials inside a sealable plastic pouch or sandwich bag.

3. Minimize the bag's carrying capacity. By carrying only the essentials, you lower the risk of spills and make important items easier to find.

Proper Leather Bag Storage for a longer Lifespan

Since we all own multiple bags
to fit our different needs and outfits, there may be times when we don't use a bag often and only bring it out on special occasions. For those bags, here are some tips to keep your cleaned leather purse in tiptop shape during storage:

1. Never store leather purses in plastic bags. The plastic can stick to the leather and peel away the outer layer when removed. Plastic also holds moisture and may cause mildew.

2. Always use the dust bag provided to you when purchasing your VALBONA bag. They protect the leather from dust while allowing it to breathe. Keep it out of direct sunlight if possible.

3. Stuff the purse's interior with paper to hold its shape, and store it on a flat surface to avoid stressing the handles.


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